Image of Shaun McNicholas

Shaun McNicholas formed Cool Rules [for writers] in Adelaide in 2001. He works with government, education and business clients across Australia to improve workplace writing. He runs workshops, creates customised resources, and advises on how to develop confident and capable writers.

Shaun’s background is in public and private sector management and leadership roles.  His practical, supportive, confidence building approach comes from years of working with people – at all levels of organisations – who find writing a daunting and difficult task.
As well as face-to-face and online training, Shaun can advise on customised strategies (pre-employment testing, exemplars, templates, mentoring, review, etc) to encourage, support and challenge writers in their work.
Participants consistently rate Shaun’s workshops – occasionally influenced by his interests as a musician and songwriter – as excellent. He trains in most aspects and types of workplace writing, and is always happy to customise his workshops to suit client needs.
Shaun is the author of the (sadly) now out of print CD/CD-ROM Cool English: A Musical Guide to Better Grammar and Writing (winner of the Australian Interactive Media Industry Association Best Export Title in 2001), and The Apostrophe Song iPhone App.  
Call Shaun McNicholas at Cool Rules [for writers] on mobile +61 0412 126 59, email shaun@coolrules.com, or use our Contact Form.